Ordering, Payment and Shipping

The ordering process from Robotics PK is very simple and easy. Just read the below mentioned steps and you are ready to go:

When you are ordering through our website, the stock status will be shown on each product page. If a product is in stock, it will be readily shipped to you after payment. If not then you have to wait for some time as specified by our representative.

During ordering, you will have to select a payment option. We currently support two as following:

Bank Transfer (for all orders outside Karachi)
Note: The bank transfer details will be sent you once you complete your order through our website. 

Cash (for collection by hand from our Karachi Warehouse)
Note: Only for those customers who wish to collect their orders by hand from our Karachi warehouse.

Now you have to specify the shipping option. We are currently supporting two types of shipping

TCS (all over Pakistan)

Collection By hand (for all customers who wish to collect their orders by hand from our Karachi Warehouse)

After specifying payment and shipping options, please complete the order. Once your order is completed, you will be provided with an order number. An email will be sent to you containing our bank account and contact details.

Please remember, the first email that you get after completion of order has the status "Confirmed by Shopper". Therefore, please wait till our representative contacts you and change the status to "Confirmed".

After the confirmation of our representative, If you wish to do bank transfer, please follow the details and after payment, please inform us on sms or email. Failing to do so will delay your order un-necessarily. 

For all those customers, who wish to collect the orders by hand from our Karachi warehouse, please contact 0322-2695189 or 0334-3231802 in business hours and coordinate your arrival timing with our representative. You can pay cash and collect your order immediately.

For any query/questions, please feel free to contact us.

Payment & Shipping

For timely and uninterrupted delivery, it is important to know about our procedures.Click to find out what these payment and shipping methods are.

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Quality Policy

Robotics PK has introduced high standards in Robotics and Electronics equipments it supplies. To know more about it, please read our quality policy.

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