Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless nRF24L01 Tx/Rx Module

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2.4 Ghz ISM band license-free worldwide open use  
The maximum operating speed 2Mbps, efficient GFSK modulation, anti-interference ability, especially for industrial control applications  
125 channels, multi-point communication and frequency hopping to meet the communication needs
CRC error detection and built-in hardware address of the control point to multipoint communication
Low-power 1.9 ~ 3.6V Work, Power down mode, the state only 1uA
Built-in 2.4Ghz antenna, small size of about 24X24mm
Module can be set address by software ,the machine output data when received the address(for interrupt instruction), can be used directly to access a variety of microcontrollers, software programming is easy  
Built-in dedicated voltage regulator, using a variety of power supplies including DC / DC switching power supply has very good communication results
Standard DIP pitch interfaces for embedded applications
RFModule-Quick-DEV rapid development system, including development board source code, schematics ect.
Open field 100 meters line of sight without interference!!!
Size: 34mm * 17mm * 1mm
Can transmit audio, video


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