Our Vision

When i was the the Engineering student in my university, i often had to face the ever-frustrating problems of un-available electronics components for the non-conventional and visionary projects i planned. Even living in Karachi, i was unable to find right components always. Though many of my projects get cancelled/delayed due to this factor but it gave me a vision, a strive to let it not happened for the future minds.


This is where, the concept of RoboticsPK has emerged. This website has been made to deliver those important, technically valuable components to the young, fresh, energetic and brilliant minds of the students who can then help their country prosper in the field of Robotics and Technology. The theme also includes enabling the powerful youth workforce to improve the quality of their projects in different electronics and robotics competitions in Pakistan and abroad. This will also help the organizers of these competitions to make them more and more complex inviting the participants to think out of the box solutions.


Similarly, our main focus is also on the inclusion of Practical Robotics and Electronics interest in the studies. For universities, we have arrays of items which can proved to be great learning kits for training our students. This is helpful if we want them to progress in the technological era.

We also look forward to develop a strong community club called RPKCLUB; the main function of which will be to share knowledge, information, experiences and expertise. We will surely announce the starting of this club very soon Insha Allah.


This is a start, we need your comments, ideas, feedback to make it more useful, more powerful and more visionary. Lets make Robotics and Electronics excel in Pakistan. Lets accelerate ourselves!


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